With the Motto “Dance to Express”, Creative director and founder Siya Daryani of OneTwoStep; through the medium of song and dance, create, conceptualize and direct events and shows that stimulate the body, mind and spirit, and make music visible through innovative dance movement, costumes and set design. 

These shows and events are personalised according to the requirements of the clients for occasions like school or college annual shows, weddings, Sangeets, tv shows and live events are a few examples. 

Since its founding in 2018, One Two Step was hired to conceptualize, direct, and choreograph dances which comprised Sangeet Shows (Pre wedding celebration) in Abu Dhabi and Oman with over 90 participants from different parts of the globe. In addition, the company was also hired to choreograph, the Kids Diwali, the first of its kind and has signed 3 new events being created for the holiday season 2019.