With an aim to provide quality dance training and making it available to all, OneTwoStep dance classes are held around the year for students from ages two to eight-two. Dance styles by expert local faculty and international instructors who are flown down specifically for the classes and events. 

Since its founding in 2018, OneTwoStep, a performance arts & events company,  has conducted four seasons led by internationally known and certified dancers and choreographers from India and Dubai teaching more than 100 students. Due to a demand, its third season included a three-day workshop in Singapore last November 2018. 

As a performing arts company, OneTwoStep was hired to conceptualize, direct and choreograph 10 dances which comprised a “Sangeet”(Pre-wedding ceremony) Show in Abu Dhabi with over 90 participants from different parts of the globe. In addition, the company was also hired to choreograph the Kids Diwali dance, the first of its kind! OneTwoStep has also emceed and choreographed a number of Bollywood themed parties and still counting. 

With a mission to provide world-class dance training to the Philippines, OneTwoStep expanded its services and now offers a Intensive Dance Training Program (IDTS) in addition to its regular classes and event management services.

SIYA DARYANI - Founder & Creative Director

In Siya’s pursuit of her creative expression, she studied fashion design, marketing merchandising and styling. While she found each course interesting and enjoyable, she felt that a piece of a puzzle was still missing.

In her frustration, she stopped searching. Little did she know that it was when she stopped searching for her creative expression that she found her soul’s expression. She also found out that she has been living and expressing it all along.

Born a dancer, Siya continued to dance since she was a kid. It was out of her pure love of dancing that she took up dance courses back in India. Even her move to the Philippines did not stop her from dancing. She continues to dance. She hired dance instructors for one-on-one training sessions in ballet, modern jazz and hip hop. Her passion continued to grow and it reached a point where what she was doing was not enough.

It was her drive to learn, explore and push her own boundaries that led her to founding a performing arts company. She created a platform where she can quench her thirst in the world of performing arts and make these courses available to the Philippines at the same time.